RF Weighing

Digi Weigh is engaged in manufacturing, Sales & Service of all types of Weighing equipment. We supply highly sophisticated Electronic and mechanical weighing equipment which includes On Board Weighing system, Automatic Rail weigh bridge,In motion and Static, Electronic Road Weighbridge, Electronic Weighing Scales with high /medium accuracy and other associated Weighing equipment. Also, we undertake to manufacture custom built weighing Systems according to any specific requirements.

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Sales & Service Network

Digi Weigh offers excellent after sales service for maintenance and up-gradation of the products. To ensure quality service to our customers we have a strong network of customer support engineers. We appreciate the importance of a well established maintenance solution. Our sales and service engineers are always available to provide after sales customer support. Our advanced machinery and technology along with maintenance service, provides high level of client satisfaction. We are concerned about serving you in a better way with our quality products and efficient after sales service. Hence, our team of experts makes sure to manufacture advance weighing system to satisfy customer's needs. By maintaining consistent quality standards and reliable services to our client's, we promise them value for their money. We promise to deliver products that are perfect, safe and reliable, with high level of service and maintenance. In order to meet these requirements, we will always try to achieve the high quality standards expected by customers.

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